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Enjoy your beach front hotel experience !

Conveniently located on PLAYA GUASACATE, just a 5 min walk to the infamous POPOYO SURF BREAK.


Step under the arch way onto the inviting sand and directly into the ever warm Pacific Ocean waters.

Stay in a custom designed private suite or enjoy the 3 bed, 3 bath, full kitchen, bar and BBQ all to yourselves.


Directly outside the rooms and on the grounds of the Melting Elefante find hammocks for shared enjoyment, cafe tables tucked into the trees for a meal, those unfortunate work responsibilities and a cozy bar to saddle up to.

This unique, organic house has no corners or straight walls.  It was 100% hand built using local labor and materials. Inspired by a MELTING CANDLE it took a form of an ELEFANTE.

Palm trees, sun, beach, surf and more right outside your door.

Overlooking playa Guasacate and 3 surf breaks from the  MELTING ELEFANTE can take some time to get used to...














Have your camera ready while you relax in your custom lounge seat and wait for SUNSET...

Surf right OUT FRONT or take a 5 minute beach stroll to the famous POPOYO break.   



Many other breaks are just a quick drive away  with your 4X4 TRUCK or acessible by a local BOAT hire. 


More than just waves...

Explore rural areas surrounding Guasacate, relax in natural TIDAL POOLS, go FISHING, HORSEBACK riding, delve into some YOGA, explore local cuisine and much more... 












...and don't forget the wildlife!



Sport Fishing

Surfing by boat & 4x4

Yoga classes


Horseback riding

Motorcycle tours

Spear fishing

Volcano tours 

and more....